New Construction Home Inspection Importance

Just because a home is newly built does not mean passing on a home inspection is a smart decision in the buying process. Even new construction homes have flaws that will be passed on during the buying process. All new homes are built to code but code varies city to parish, etc. Also, code is minimum building requirements required by that parish or city.

All my years in new construction I saw code does not mean you will have a house built a certain way. Every builder builds differently, every subcontractor installs differently. Things get missed by all involved in the building process. This is where a home inspection serves its purpose to the buyer. I, as a home inspector, have seen many things you wouldn’t think would happen in a new home. Not all subcontractors take as much pride in their work as other subcontractors and will take short cuts. Builders are busy and do not always see these things so a home inspection serves its purpose again. You have a roof and it does not have the proper kick outs needed where needed and the wall rots out down the line, again home inspection serves its purpose by pointing this out. I, as a HVAC professional, have seen some bad installations on new houses. I have re-did many AC installations on new houses that were installed wrong causing air flow problems and premature breakdowns from run time.

What I am trying to say is just because it is a new house does not mean everything is correct, again home inspection serves its purpose. When buying a house please have a home inspection to help prevent unpleasant and certainly unneeded finding from occurring.

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