The Importance of a Home Inspection

The home inspection offers a comprehensive look into the property’s condition. Through an inspection the assessment of the property’s condition and potential issues will be brought to light. Louisiana licensed inspectors will look at key components of the house and examine them thoroughly. A home inspection helps the buyer make better informed decisions on conditions of the house. The buyer now can look at repairs and negotiate the value of their investment. As a Louisiana licensed inspector I will examine thoroughly the condition of the property and I will create a detailed inspection report. Myself as an inspector will go over the report and answer all questions to ensure the buyer is well informed for their decision. While a home inspection covers many areas of the home there are areas of concern that are visually looked at. Some of these areas are the foundation or structure’s base, electrical system of the home, HVAC system of the home, plumbing system of the home, roof coverings of the home, structural systems as walls and ceilings, and the presence of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If significant repairs are found, negotiations or credit in the price of the house can be made. You can request things be repaired in advance or however you feel it should be handled. Myself as an inspector I want to ensure my customer is informed and knows the condition of property to make the best decision possible. I will explain the whole process beforehand and make sure your best interests are taken care of during my inspection.

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